Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

COS: Fostering a diverse workplace across the globe


We aim to foster a workforce that reflects and contributes to the diverse, global community in which we operate. We are committed to developing, maintaining, and supporting a culture of equality, diversity and inclusion for all our colleagues.

At COS, we take a collective responsibility to create an environment where colleagues feel included, respected and comfortable to bring their whole self to work.

In August 2020 we launched the COS Diversity & Inclusion Group with the specific aim of bringing diversity to the fore.

Stacie Hudgens is our Founder & CEO. 

" The foundation of humanity should be that individuals from all diverse populations inhabiting this earth are included and treated equitably and fairly, irrespective of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, age or gender.

As the CEO of an outcomes research group, I founded this company on this general principle and will continually work to maintain these values at COS. It is my responsibility, as a leader, to ensure equitable treatment across the organization both in terms of current employees as well as those considering joining the COS team.

Personally, as a gay woman who grew up very poor with an amazing single parent, I know what it is to hide your true self and have to fight the odds to find success. It is with great pleasure that I stand behind the new, employee-run Diversity & Inclusion panel at COS; and firmly support that every team member will be embraced for their individuality in our work family. " 

You can read our Diversity and Inclusion Charter here

Pride month – Coming out, is it much easier now than it was decades ago?

In honor of Pride Month, two members of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee came together to discuss how coming out and being gay have changed since they came out.  Linda came out in the 1970’s, while Shehan came out in the early 2010’s.  They discussed what these changes have meant for them.

The first change they noted is the representation of queer people in media.  Linda remembered when the only piece of media she could access with a gay woman in it was a dramatization of that woman’s difficult life and death. It was a drama called ‘The Killing of Sister George’ and was first screened in 1968. 

Read more here


The COS Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The COS Diversity and Inclusion team is made up of colleagues based in the UK and US, each with an equal voice.

Emily Calderbank
Medical Writer 1
I joined the D&I team to implement policy that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion. I am interested in developing content for children about these principles and how to facilitate these conversations with young people. I am excited to explore how our field can grow and look forward to being part of its change.
Michael Chladek,
Associate Director 1

I joined the D&I team because I’m interested in learning and better understanding the history of our industry in perpetuating inequity and injustices, particularly in terms of race and gender. I’m excited to work with this team to explore how to make ourselves, COS, and the larger healthcare industry more inclusive, equitable, and just.

Claudine Clucas
Senior Research Associate
I have always valued and supported diversity and equality in my personal life and work roles so I wanted to continue to do this at COS by being a part of the D&I team. I have lived in several countries and enjoy learning about different cultures and perspectives. 
Kelsie Cox
Research Associate 2
I believe listening to all people’s voices and learning from other people’s experiences are necessary to grow and ensure our world is a more equitable place. It is also crucial to learn from the past to work against racism, sexism, and other types of discrimination. I am excited that COS is placing importance on working toward greater diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organization, within the field, and in clinical trials.

Katie Durnell
Research Associate 2
I believe in order to grow we must value and encourage all voices to be heard. Listening to different perspectives and identifying unconscious bias is a start in understanding a history of inequity and injustice. Working for COS and knowing D&I is part of their core values is moving the future of research a step further to a more inclusive world.  
Libby Floden
Senior Director of Biostatistics

I am on the D & I team because I want to foster a work culture that is supportive of all people. More than this, I want to help actively seek people of diverse backgrounds to COS because I believe the richness and depth of various viewpoints and perspectives will elevate our delivery of good science (not to mention enrich my own work experience). On a more macro level, I want to contribute to increasing inclusion and diversity of the patient-voice to clinical trials.

Lauren Garcia
Research Associate 2
The Hispanic and Indigenous communities are misrepresented in the scientific/industry/research workforce. I hope to add perspective and discuss the disparities these, and other minority, communities face.  Research and data support the strong correlation between diversity and performance within the company, I believe COS can augment to these findings. Representation matters. 
Ruby Gogana
Study Coordinator 1
I wanted to join the D&I team because I think it’s important to learn and share everyone’s different backgrounds and viewpoints. Listening to their voice allows us to understand their stories and therefore make COS a workplace everyone feels comfortable and accepted, and even learn something new about their backgrounds.

Heli Kapadia
Programmer 2
To me Diversity and Inclusion is a process of creating an environment which is both empowering and comforting for the individuals that surround us. Having worked for women empowerment as domestic violence advocate, joining D & I at COS is a great opportunity for me to practice the learned skills of empathy and emotional support and I look forward to the same.
Karen MacNab
Director of Human Resources
I am excited to be a part of COS’s D&I committee to help grow our company with individuals from all backgrounds that help weave the multi-colored, multi-cultural cloth that makes our workforce strong and powerful.  I want to help show that COS is committed to its ongoing involvement in recruiting, the community and to its employees with impactful vision, programs and policies that create diversity with inclusion.  Our journey has just begun, and I am empowered by this committee to make a difference. 
Shehan McFadden
Senior Research Associate
The most effective way to ensure an equitable and just world is to uplift the voices of marginalized people and listen to those marginalized people.  I joined the D&I Committee to do just that.  I hope through the D&I Committee we can ensure COS is an equitable workplace and our actions always move us towards justice.
Sam Rousell
Director, Programming

As an employee with a disability, I feel passionate about working in and promoting an inclusive environment where all are allowed to thrive. Mental illness is all too often treated badly in the workplace resulting in large numbers of capable people feeling unable to work. I am proud to work at COS which champions diversity and where my disability has never been perceived as a problem.

Blue Stevenson
Research Associate 2

I joined D & I because I want to better understand the viewpoints and experiences of others. Empathy is one of the most powerful tools we have for creating an environment where people feel welcomed, respected, and connected. I’m excited to take part in our company’s ongoing conversation about what we can do better!

COS Diversity & Inclusion highlights

  • Project Launch: August 2020

    Launch of the COS Diversity & Inclusion Group (D&I Group) and Charter

  • Newsletter Content

    D&I Group provides monthly content for COS Connect, our global team newsletter

  • Keeping in touch

    Biweekly Group meetings scheduled

  • D&I sub-group formed: Communication and Promotion

    This group works together to design and produce D&I items to promote for the global team and bring attention to the work being done to maintain a diverse and inclusive place of work for all COS

  • D&I sub-group formed: Cultural Calendar

    For the creation of a cultural/events calendar

  • D&I sub-group formed: Data Measurement and Recruitment

  • D&I sub-group formed: Training and Building and Inclusion Culture

    Finding workshops for COS employees, refine hiring efforts, and discusses what goes into the newsletter.

Here are just some of the events we will be recognising in 2021:


LGBT History Month (UK) 

Black History Month (USA) 

February 8: International Epilepsy Day 

February 12: Chinese New Year  

February 17: Random Acts of Kindness Day 

February 28: Rare Disease Day 


Endometriosis Awareness Month (International) 

March 8: International Women’s Week 

March 11: World Kidney Day (International) 

March 29 - April 4: World Autism Awareness Week (International) 


Bowel Cancer Awareness Month (International) 

Parkinsons Awareness Month 


Skin Cancer Awareness Month 

May 4: World Asthma Day (International) 

May 4-9: Deaf Awareness Week (UK) 

May 10: World Lupus Day (International) 

May 12: ME Awareness Day (International) & Fibromyalgia Awareness Day (International) 

May 16-19:  Neurodiversity Celebration Week (UK) 

May 21: World Meditation Day 

May 29: World Digestive Health Day (International) 

May 30: World MS Day 


Pride Month (international) 

June 7: Cancer Survivors Day (International) 

June 15-20: Men’s Health Week (International) 

June 19: Juneteenth

June 21-30: World Wellbeing Week (International) 


Childhood Cancer Awareness Month 

September 10: World Suicide Prevention Day (International) 

September 21-26: International Week of Happiness at Work 

September 25: World's Biggest Coffee Morning 


ADHD Awareness Month (UK) 

Black History Month (UK) 

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (UK) 

October 1: World Vegetarian Day (International) 

October 10: World Mental Health Day (International) 

October 12-15: National Work Life Week (UK) 

October 18: World Menopause Day 


November 2-5: International Stress Awareness Week 

November 14: World Diabetes Day (International)