Louise Newton

COS Senior Director Louise Newton leads development of Companion Guide

COS Louise Newton

The International Society of Quality of Life Research (ISOQOL) recently published their Companion Guide to the User’s Guide for Implementing PRO Measures in Clinical Practice.

A small team from ISOQOL’s Clinical Practice Special Interest Group, including Louise Newton (Senior Director of Clinical Outcomes Assessment), led the development of the Companion Guide. The purpose of the Companion Guide is to help bring the User’s Guide “to life” through 10 global case studies which involve the real-world application of PRO instruments in clinical practice. The Companion Guide aims to help PRO researchers and practitioners by sharing lessons and learnings through the documented case studies from “how to select the optimal PRO measure” through to “how to present PRO data to key stakeholders”.

The Companion Guide also covers issues relating to patient engagement, knowledge transfer and the role of technology in PRO research.