COS – Genesis Research

Clinical Outcomes Solutions is delighted to announce its partnership with Genesis Research, an international Real-World Evidence (RWE) and Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) organization.

As the regulatory landscape with respect to RWE continues to evolve, this innovative partnership brings together our Clinical Outcomes Assessment (COA) scientific and clinical trial expertise and the evidence-based expertise of Genesis Research – keeping both companies firmly at the forefront of this ever-changing landscape to the wider benefit of clients, payers, and regulators.

Meet the team behind the collaboration

Stacie Hudgens
Chief Executive Officer
Clinical Outcomes Solutions

Clinical Outcomes Solutions was founded in 2013 with a specific focus on bringing innovative scientific solutions to patient-centered research. Our longstanding relationship with Genesis Research transitioning to a scientific partnership with the Oncology Outcomes network of partners continues to expand that focus. Evidence generation of patient-centered outcomes begins with prospective and clinical studies and expands through real-world treatment experience and symptoms management. This partnership, along with the additional Oncology Outcomes partners, provides Life Sciences Companies (LSCs) with a comprehensive body of evidence to support new anti-cancer therapy clinical development programs.

Tara Symonds
Managing Director (UK), Chief Scientific Officer
Clinical Outcome Solutions

Real-world studies to capture patient-centred effectiveness data require careful design, implementation and analysis given the often-uncontrolled nature of the study design.
Bringing together our organizations – and with this our respective skillsets and proven expertise – will provide an industry-leading offering for Life Sciences Companies (LSCs) to leverage, especially given the increasing interest and request for such data by both regulators and payers.

Chris Pashos
Member, Board of Directors
Genesis Research

Regulatory bodies around the world have made RWE and COA central to their consideration of new therapies developed by LSCs. This partnership offers LSCs the combined capabilities of leaders in these areas. Together the partnership can ensure that LSCs develop and execute timely strategies that will meet the evidentiary requirements of regulators.

Susan Oliveria
Chief Scientific Officer
Genesis Research

RWE and COA are now recognized as central to the development and commercialization of new therapies. The partnership offers LSCs the ability to successfully plan and execute an integrated evidence generation plan that will be patient-centric and meet the needs of regulators, payers, medical professionals, and the patient community.

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