COS Director’s patient-reported outcome presentation selected for 24th Annual ISOQOL Conference

COS Conferences, Louise Newton

This year’s ISOQOL Annual Conference will provide a platform to discuss the challenges for the field with regards to theory, methodology and implementation of results in health care policy and practice. Louise Humphrey, Director Clinical Outcome Assessments, has been selected to present her highly ranked and innovative research entitled “Is Newer Always Better? Comparing Traditional and Innovative Methods to Generate a Patient-Centred Conceptual Model ” during the distinguished Cutting Edge Research Plenary Session.

Description: There is growing recognition that more pragmatic and efficient approaches are needed to facilitate the development of new patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures. As a first step to addressing this need, Louise will present findings from a study conducted to explore the scientific and logistical benefits and limitations of innovative versus traditional methods for explorative, concept elicitation research. We compared three approaches: 1) face-to-face concept elicitation interviews with patients, 2) a social media review and 3) an online mixed method, Group Concept Mapping (GCM). Disease conceptual models were generated based on each approach and compared to understand the depth and breadth of information elicited via each method. The study highlighted that no method was without limitation but there were some clear advantages associated with each of the approaches tested. Further research is needed to apply these insights to support the development of new PRO measures.