COS – Oncology Outcomes – Carevive: A Partnership to Amplify the Patient Voice in Cancer Care

Leaders in the collection and analysis of real-world Patient Experience data, COS and Carevive have formed a unique partnership to advance the use of these data across the life science value chain, as part of the Oncology Outcomes initiative, created by COS in February 2019. 

Becoming a partner in Oncology Outcomes will enable COS and Carevive to collaboratively analyze Carevive’s unique patient experience dataset and generate valuable new insights for life science companies and regulatory authorities.

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Meet the team behind the collaboration



Stacie Hudgens
Chief Executive Officer 
Clinical Outcomes Solutions

“At COS we strive to innovate to capture the patient voice and this collaboration provides exciting prospects to fulfil this mission. Carevive’s ground-breaking EHR platform provides opportunity to use our analytical expertise in a real world setting ensuring the patient voice is at the forefront of outcomes assessment in cancer treatment.”



Madelyn Trupkin Herzfeld
Vice Chairman & Founder
Carevive Systems

“COS is widely respected within the life science community for innovative science and statistical and regulatory expertise. The COS team shares Carevive’s commitment to bringing the patient voice into cancer care and we look forward to seeing the impact of our combined approach on the global cancer patient community.



Tara Symonds
Managing Director (UK), Chief Scientific Officer
Clinical Outcomes Solutions

“Our collaboration brings synergy and so many benefits to our clients; the Carevive technology allows large amounts of data to be captured and now, in partnership with COS, has the capability to provide analytic support to those implementing symptom-monitoring in their clinics, clinical trials, or clinical studies.”



Mordecai Kramer
VP Data Generation & Outcomes, Life Sciences Carevive

“Becoming a partner in Oncology Outcomes will enable our novel Patient Experience dataset to be further enhanced by COS’ expertise and thought-leadership. Through this combined effort, we hope to provide novel and groundbreaking insights to cancer care.”