“COS celebrates diversity and inclusion. As such, we strive to bring passionate individuals together from diverse backgrounds to pursue our mission and vision.” 
Stacie Hudgens, CEO and Founder

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Why COS?

As a solution-focused team with global experience, we are committed to bringing together the right team of experts to approach research questions.  In just eight years, our female-led organisation has grown from a small but focussed team to a workforce of over 55 colleagues located across two continents – and this shows no sign of slowing down.

At COS, we are not only committed to creating and fostering a workplace that reflects and contributes to the diverse global community in which we operate, but also developing a team that is proud of what it achieves and its position as a leader in its field.

What do we do?

Our focus is finding the right clinical outcomes solutions in the most efficient manner to provide actionable evidence to support our client’s needs which includes qualitative and quantitative research support as well as strategic clinical and Regulatory consulting in the United States and Europe.

With a specific focus on Clinical Outcomes Assessments (COAs), we are specialized in measuring and understanding Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs), Clinician Reported Outcomes (CROs), Observer Outcomes (e.g., Parent, Teacher, or Guardian), and Screening Tools in the context of specific clinical conditions.

A word from one of the COS team

Jane has been with COS since 2016 and has witnessed the company’s growth.

“I am proud to be a part of a team that places people first and foremost. From our workplace culture - which manages to balance commitment to our work and fun times - to the support and mentorship offered by our leadership team, COS has offered me a place to thrive, to learn and to develop my skills, interests and specialty.”

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