Shirley Samuel PhD

Medical Writer

Shirley is a Medical Writer in the Medical Communications team based in our Tucson office.

More about Shirley

Prior to joining COS, Shirley was involved in basic science research in the US, UK and Kuwait. She began her career with a strong focus in Immunology, conducting research in epitope mapping, immunomodulation of spermatozoal function using trace elements and characterizing oncolytic adenoviruses while investigating oncogene knockdown by RNA interference. During her fellowship program, she was involved in developing novel biomolecules to activate potent regulators of immunity and characterizing the molecular mechanisms of breast and prostate cancer bone metastasis. She later transitioned to clinical research and was involved in the conception, design, execution, analyses and interpretation of Phase 1, 2 and 3 Oncology clinical trials. She is a published author and has presented at local and international conferences. Her background includes a PhD and MS Biomedical Studies from Baylor University (Texas), MS Immunology and Allergy from University of Nottingham (UK), and a BS Microbiology from Madras University (India).


Shirley can be reached at our Chicago office:

53 West Jackson Boulevard, Suite 1150, Chicago, IL 60604

(+1) 312-465-2443