7 years of Clinical Outcomes Solutions

COS General news

This month, Clinical Outcome Solutions celebrates seven years at the forefront of continuous, dedicated support across all facets of clinical outcomes research which inform patient care value decisions.

The early partnership between Stacie Hudgens and Tara Symonds (2014) has now grown to a global team of three strategic leads, nine research directors and 55 team members, with clients and offices on both sides of the Atlantic.

A med comms team was established in 2015, and in 2019, both an Oncology Outcomes: Strategic Advisory Partnership, and a ‘Prospective Data Management and Analytics’ (PDMA) team were added, and the company continues to go from strength to strength.

Stacie Hudgens is CEO and Strategic Lead at COS:

“The fact that I lead a team which shares my patient-centered beliefs - the very reason why I founded COS - is a huge source of pride.  COS is stronger than ever; our reputation ever-growing and our commitment to all we do unwavering. We look forward to the next seven years - and beyond - of innovative science to capture the patient voice.”

History of COS