Louise Newton

Implementing patient-reported outcome measures in clinical practice

Linda Howard Louise Newton

Article from Senior Director, Clinical Outcome Assessments, Louise Newton MSc. The use of patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures in clinical practice is increasing. Following the creation of a ‘User’s Guide to Implementing PRO Assessment in Clinical Practice’ by the International Society for Quality of Life Research (ISOQOL), volunteers from ISOQOL sought to create a Companion Guide to assist health care providers …

Recent presentations at ISPOR EU Barcelona from the COS team

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The COS team will be presenting at ISPOR as follows: Crawford B, Kim HR, Newton L, Symonds T. Roadblocks and resolutions: development of PRO instruments for multinational trials (Workshop 1).Presentation date: 12 November 2018; 11:15–12:15 Hudgens S, Newton L, Eremenco S, Crescioni M, Symonds T, Griffiths P,Knight-West O, Reasner DS, Byrom B, O’Donohoe P, Vallow S. Comparability of a provisioned …